AUXO A300™ Laser Therapy Devices for Hair Loss Stabilization and Regrowth

AUXO A300’s advanced technology provide an optimal environment for new hair growth and helps slow down the progression of hair loss in adults who suffer from androgenic alopecia..  Dr. Leonard has been treating people with hair thinning and loss for more than three decades. The most common type of hair loss—by far—is androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss. Laser hair treatment is a non-surgical approach to hair regrowth and is painless, effective and with no side effects.

The AUXO family of laser devices is truly one of the most effective treatments he recommends for people suffering from hair loss.  These devices fit into a baseball cap and are used in the privacy of your own home or while commuting or working or traveling and are worn for only ten minutes each day!  This treatment protocol allows for excellent therapy and fantastic convenience to be able to easily be compliant with your hair loss treatments.

Dr. Leonard’s years of experience in the restoration of hair has led him to this exciting home treatment remedy which is safe and effective.

The Capillus devices work by utilizing low level laser light to stimulate increased blood flow in the capillaries within the scalp that directly nourish each and every hair follicle in the treatment area. The lasers also excite the sebaceous glands attached to the follicles and their energy stimulates cellular metabolism in the follicle cells providing the benefits below:

  • 90% of people will slow down or stop progression of hair loss
    • Less shedding
    • Fewer hairs in your brush, your shower drain, on your clothes
  • 60% of people will re-grow your miniaturized hair (ones that have become short, fine, and less pigmented due to androgenetic alopecia) into longer, thicker, darker hairs
    • More hairs to decrease that disturbing see-through look of thinning hair

Also, due to increased melanin production in the treatment area, people report darker hair and a reduction of naturally occurring grey.

If your hair loss is a problem for you, then contact us to allow us to help you to treat it with the AUXO A300™ hair therapy device.

How Does it Work?